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Battery Safe Bag

  • Lipo Safe Bag 10*20cm
  • Lipo Safe Bag 10*20cm
  • Lipo Safe Bag 10*20cm
Lipo Safe Bag 10*20cmLipo Safe Bag 10*20cmLipo Safe Bag 10*20cm

Lipo Safe Bag 10*20cm

  • Size:10*20cm, Small size
  • Color: Black
  • Material: fiberglass or Non-itchy liquid silicone glass fiber
  • Withstand temperatures up to 1,000
  • Product description: lipo charging bag for RC battery, Airsoft battery
This is a small size Lipo safe bag.

Brand: Home & Office

Size: 10*20cm

We can make any size and print customers' logo on it.

★Closure:  Velcro
★High quality, good durability.
★Both Water and Fire Resistant.
★Protect your electronic product during charged .
★The lipo safe bag is intended to reduce the chances of damaged in the event of a fire.
★Materials: Ordinary fiberglass or  Non-itchy liquid silicone glass fiber
★Color: black/silver, blue, red.

★ Item weight: 70g

Application: Battery charging bag for RC aircraft, airsoft gun, phone and other small electrict product need to be charged.


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